Friday, August 19, 2011

Writing FREEBIE!

Our Writing AKS in 3rd calls for us to write personal narratives and fantasy narratives.  Personal narratives - easy.  The kids just discuss experiences they've had, telling their own stories.  But when I first saw fantasy narratives, I was taken back.  But after a little thinking, I pulled out the book Peter Pan.  The kids in Peter Pan could definitely be real, but the adventure they go on is a complete fantasy.  We discussed how the kids flew (not in a plane) to Neverland.  The kids didn't have parents or rules in Neverland.  My students were able to make several connections because of this!  Here's a graphic organizer I gave them to get their thoughts out and organized.  It's yours...for free! 

I'm off to the lake for the weekend with the hubby and some friends.  I'm excited to have a little get-away and R&R.  :)  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  See y'all Monday!

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