Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Descriptive Words/Writing Freebie!

I've been working with my kids, trying to get them use more flavorful and spicier words.  We want to kick "happy" and other boring words to the curb!

I have an activity from Scholastic called "Buckets of Fun" where the kids write 2-3 descriptive words relating to certain topics.  Well, my kids were coming up with 8-10 words for each topic!  It was pure madness trying to get everything to fit.  So I took the activity and make it where the kids had more room to write and weren't rescricted by 2-3 lines.  :)

Click the picture below to snag your own copy!

Enjoy!  Dana @ 3rd Grade Gridiron


  1. Great the font! Thanks so much for sharing (o:

  2. Thanks! It's CK Handprint. :)


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