Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Changes Thanks to YOU!

Hold on to your stickers GANG!  Me and My Gang is going through more fun changes.  We have been so thrilled with the amount of emails coming in with suggestions about how to better imporve Me and My Gang.  We have decided to make some upgrades to the site.  First, we are working on a Home Page that will be a great opening act to all of your amazing blogs.  Each grade will have their own page with their own followers.  Blog Master Mckenna is working on individual grade level buttons.  Keep your suggestions coming we want this site to be more than one you visit...we want it to feel like home!

Do keep in mind that it is just The Teamies and Blog Master Mckenna making all of the changes and upgrades.  We are working as quickly as possible and we appreciate all of your patience while we build this fantastic resource!

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