Sunday, April 8, 2012

Titanic Freebie

This weeks marks the 100th Anniversary of Titanic's maiden voyage (April 10th) and sinking (April 15).  In honor of this, I decided to create a small unit on Titanic to teach my kiddos all about this legendary ship.

One thing included in this packet is this Titanic craft/writing booklet! 

After students create their Titanic, the booklet opens, and they write about what they learned.  I included differentiated templates, so you can change what goes inside your booklet if wanted.  For ours we are going to include a Table of Contents, Titanic Bubble Map and write about Titanic Facts, Titanic's Maiden Voyage, The Sinking of Titanic, and Finding Titanic.

Here's a look at the rest of the packet:

*Titanic Emergent Reader (Color Copy)
*Titanic Emergent Reader (Black and White Copy)
*Titanic Fluency Sheet (Easier Reading)
*Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Titanic Fluency Sheet (Challenge Reading)
*Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Finding Titanic Fluency Sheet
*Finding Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Titanic Facts Student Reader
*Titanic Bubble Map
*Titanic's Maiden Voyage Bubble Map
*The Sinking of Titanic Bubble Map
*Finding Titanic Bubble Map
*Titanic Book Activity (Craft and Writing) - Instructions, Patterns, and Templates
*Titanic Book Suggestions
*Titanic Web Site Suggestions

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