Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easy Math Center Game, facebook, & Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Head over to check out my latest completed project and share your ideas for future projects! I really value your input and I am so appreciative to be part of such an amazing community.


Unless Teaching is now on facebook! I tend to avoid facebook, I haven't been on in months, because it drives me crazy reading update after update of the most miniscule details of people's daily life. However, I realized that facebook is EVERYWHERE and would be a great place to both get my information out there and learn more about what other people are doing. That being said, don't be shy! Click on over and like my facebook page! I am still trying to find and follow different blogs on facebook, so if you like me I will head over and return the favor.

-On a Side Note-

My church service was awesome today! It is important to remember that Easter isn't about a bunny hiding eggs full of treats. While that is a fun tradition, we have to remember that Easter is the time we celebrate Jesus and how he sacrificially gave his life for us. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and be blessed!

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